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Wheel alignment is an important system to the safe operation and handling of your vehicle. Furthermore wheel misalignment can lead to premature tire degradation and leave your wallet light. Luckily for drivers in Phoenix Arizona, Mikes Auto Repair is here to take care of your wheel alignment and save you a whole wad of cash.

It is important to pay attention to the drift or pull of your vehicle, if you are drifting too much to the left or right then it is a good indication that your wheels have fallen out of alignment. Another way to check is to see if your tires are wearing down in any specific or isolated places.

wheel alignmentA lot of folk’s mistake wheel alignment for wheel balancing, which has more to do with evenly distributing the weight of the wheels to get a proper spin. Wheel Alignment is the positioning of the wheels so they sit perpendicular to the road. One thing to remember, if your wheels remain out of alignment for an extended period of time then the wear pattern of your tires will become firmly established and you may also have damage done to your suspension.

There are three levels on which the proper alignment of wheels is measured, camber, castor and toe. Camber is the degree to which the wheel sits perpendicular to the road. If you have severe camber misalignment you may be able to see an extreme tilt of your wheels pointing inward or outward when viewing the car from the front. Camber issues can lead to premature tire wear and suspension problems in the future.

Caster is the position of the wheel originating from the axis. Caster will dictate if the vehicle is at the proper height at the front and back. If your suspension springs are worn out it may greatly affect your caster slowly allowing it to settle into the positive or negative. Positive or Negative caster will make your car pull to the right or left.

Finally, Toe measures what degree your wheels point inwards or outwards. Almost all cars have a slight degree of toe; this enables your wheels to rotate parallel to one another. However, if the toe becomes unaligned even slightly, drivers will notice a vibration coursing through the vehicle while driving. Toe inequalities will also cause your tires to wear down in a “feathered” pattern.

Drivers in Phoenix Arizona would do well to take their car in to Mikes Auto Repair the moment they can feel their car pulling to one side; we will take care of your alignment issues and treat you with the honesty and respect you deserve.

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