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Of all the questions asked by drivers who need power steering repair phoenix az, the one we hear most often is what is power steering and what does it do? At Mikes Auto Repair, we believe that the more you know about your vehicle, the better you will be able to maintain it. And just the basic knowledge that your steering system will benefit from a power steering fluid change can make a huge difference in your cars long term health.

Your power steering relies to two mechanisms to make it much easier for you to steer your power_steering_maintenancevehicle more easily and keep your vehicle under control. These two pieces of machinery are called the power steering pump and the rack & pinion. Understanding how these two mechanism work together is at the heart of keeping this system healthy for years into the future.

Power Steering Pump – The power steering pump is run by applying hydraulic pressure through a series of hoses to control the rack and pinion. The key to making sure that the power steering pump is in good health really boils down to keeping an eye out for leaks and maintaining the proper level of power steering fluid.
Rack and Pinion – this is the system that actually turns the wheels of your car. Without the proper level of hydraulic pressure the rack and pinion will find itself under incredible amounts of strain which will damage it early in its life.
Ultimately, these two components will eventually wear out. But postponing that day long into the future can be easy. There are generally a few side effects that indicate an issues with the power steering system, sometimes the solution can be as easy as a little more fluid, other times it requires a little more maintenance and work. Here are a few indications of a sick power steering system.
•    Squealing noise on ignition – If you car makes a squealing noise when the car starts up or when it is being driven at low speeds, It could indicate that there is something wrong with the belt that is driving the power brakes pump, or the pump itself has worn down.

•    Loose or stiff steering wheel – any change in difficulty when turning your wheel could be an indication that something is wrong with your power steering system. More often than not, it simply requires more power steering fluid, however this can indicate a leak somewhere along the system and should be remedied as soon as possible.

•    Slippage – erratic function of your power steering assist is sure sign of a problem. the source of which could range anywhere along the system. This kind of issue is a serious risk to yourself, your passengers and other drivers on the road and should be looked at immediately.

Another important thing to remember is that the power steering system can suffer damage if there is an impact, running over a large pot hole or hitting a curb can throw the rack and pinion out of alignment. This can happen in everyday driving and if left unattended, the whole system can become damaged.

Because the power steering pump is generally run by the serpentine belt, it can quickly become very annoying to attempt any maintenance on your own. We are well aware that you need someone you can trust for all your maintenance needs. We invite you to contact us, or stop by the shop and we will be glad to answer any and all questions you have about what your car needs, and what we can do for you.

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